[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional, Gold Medal in B. Tech, Hobbies- Water Colour Painting, Mandala Art

Date of Interview: 2nd Feb
Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd.)
Optional: Geography
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Background: NIT Jamshedpur/ B. Tech
Profession: Previously Worked with Tata Motors
Hobbies: High Intensity Interval Training, Water Colour Painting, Mandala Art

Chairman Sir

1. Recent developments happened is Gorakhpur
2. View on the ongoing debate around ‘Bulldozer Politics’
3. Reasons for Pendency in Judiciary. what steps can be taken to address it.
4. Large number of writ filing in SC also creates burden. How to address?
5. Benefits of e-courts project.
6. Based on recent Adani group – Hindenburg Report, is the business environment welcoming to new and small players?
7. How can we address the concerns raised in the report?

Member 1

1. About my hobby – Mandala Art
2. What use One stop Centres? How do they work?
3. Status of prisons in India – why overcrowded?
4. How to address this overcrowding?

Member 2

1. Why lot of cooked food goes waste? How can we address it at local level and regional level?
2. How to solve issue of food grain wastage?
3. What role can Tata Motors play in this?
4. How can electronics help in warehousing of food grains?
5. About the performance of Jaguar land Rover in Tata Motors. Was it a good idea to acquire JLR by Tata?

Member 3

1. How Balakot event changed India – Pakistan relations.
2. What is the idea of global superpower for India? Is it like the western idea or something India type?
3. What important summits are coming up for India to project its ambitions?

Member 4

1. Barriers in the adoption of electric vehicle from a consumer’s perspective.
2. How can we address them?
3. Geographical reason for the time difference between journey from new Delhi to Chicago and vice versa?